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Partnership (PPP)

Partnership (PPP)

Upgrade ITI into "Centre of Excellence" 

M/s Matanhail Textiles Ltd has been associated with ITI Matanhail in many ways, since a long time. This partnership entered a new phase when a MoU was signed in 2010 between Government of Haryana and MSIL to upgrade ITIs at Matanhail into Centre of Excellence.
The shared objective is to "Develop ITI into an Institute which creates skilled technical hands with high degree of employability".
ITI is benchmarked against the most prestigious technical training institutes of India - Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), Bangalore and Bosch Vocational Centre, Bangalore.
An Institute Managing Committee (IMC) has been constituted which provides a structured leadership and guidance for the institute. The IMC is headed by honorable Divisional Commissioner of Matanhail and is supported by a team of senior representatives from the Bureaucracy. As a partner, Grasim Matanhail Textiles Ltd is represented on the IMC by a Top Management (Board Level) officer. The IMC periodically reviews the working and suggests improvement in training processes.
Grasim Matanhail Textiles Ltd has deputed a dedicated team headed by a Deputy General Manager (an engineer himself) to work on ITI Upgradation project. The team works in close coordination with ITI administration to provide a good learning environment for holistic training and overall development of trainees.
To provide quality education to trainee, a well equipped and good infrastructure along with well informed, motivated faculty is crucial. Areas like course curriculum, faculty development and educational infrastructure have been identified as key areas of improvement.
Educational infrastructure- The basic infrastructure including classroom furniture, electrical panels and machines in the workshop have been revamped. Modern audio-visual teaching aids and computers have been added. The institute has a well stocked library-cum-reading room.
Faculty Development- The ITI faculty is given a first hand experience about the automobile industry through MSIL Plant visits. While emphasis is given on enhancing the technical knowledge of faculty, training on teaching skills and behavioral training is also part of the training module. Many of the faculty members even visited NTTF Bangalore to undergo training at their campus.
Training activities- A lot of focus is being given on the overall development of trainees so that they are better prepared for the industry. Basic Safety, Quality, IT education, Personality development and safe driving are part of their training at ITI. The training programs are designed to increase their confidence level and enhance overall personality. MSIL employees volunteer to take active part in imparting training to ITI trainees.
One of the successful initiatives is the concept of ’Rope-in and Rope-out’. Rope-in is an induction session for new trainees’ where communication skills and team skills are challenged. Rope-out is a training program under which the final year trainees are prepared for the industry as professionals. Self grooming, discipline and motivation form a part of this program.
Industry partners- Prominent industries like Grasim Matanhail Textiles Ltd, Matanhail is contributing to ITI and give opportunities for ITI trainees to undergo practical shop floor training. Trainees are able to overcome fear of shop floor and actually experience good practices like 5-S and team-work in operation. This motivates them to implement the same in ITI campus.
The change has started showing up all across- in the form of improved infrastructure, motivated faculty and enthusiastic trainees.